New York, NY

Food Business Reporter

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Reporter on the science desk covering the business and technology of food. Served as a go-to reporter for breaking news coverage and shepherded a developing story about the future of meat into a book deal with Penguin Random House.

» The idea for lab-grown meat was born in a prisoner-of-war camp.

» The chairman of Nestlé makes the case for a new kind of diet.

» How the vegan movement broke from its echo chamber and finally started disrupting things.

» Step into any supermarket and the yogurt wars are in full swing.

» Is there a better ketchup than Heinz? Without the shelf space we’ll never find out.

» The system for catching pathogens in the US food supply is finally working.

» There's a debate among the makers of cell-cultured meat: What do you call it?

» Silicon Valley wrestles with religion. Is "clean meat" kosher and halal?

» Six firms are about to merge into the biggest farm-business oligopoly in history.

» To find the future of food, look to Israel (five-part series).

» One man will decide if the art of skywriting lives or dies. 

» Art Basel is the art world’s excuse to sit in silly chairs.

» Artists stopped showing us the truth about farming and it’s hurting the planet.

» The American diet is having an unhealthy love affair with protein.


Washington, DC

Food Policy Reporter

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Reporter on the Agriculture & Trade team covering the business and politics of food. Co-edited Morning Agriculture, the team’s morning newsletter. Wrote extensively about money in food politics, commodity supply chains, federal nutrition standards and evolving corporate / federal policy. Many of these stories live behind a paywall. 

» Attack on meat has industry seeing red. [radio interview]

» In unprecedented move, egg industry yields in cage-free fight.

» The money behind the fight over healthy eating.

» Pork lobby shifts gears in courting black caucus.

» Second wave of bird flu has broiler industry in its path

» FTC not surveying junk food marketing to kids.

The Roanoke Times

Roanoke, Va

Government Reporter

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Covered politics, crime and courts, collecting a list of unusual sources along the way. Explained the challenges small communities face coming into compliance with the federal Clean Water Act. Helped repair the strained relationship between the Roanoke Police Department and the newspaper. Also freelanced for The New York Times during this period, which included a dispatch from a West Virginia cemetery that ran as a centerpiece on the Times' website and Sunday edition national section.

» Stormwater management a problem as unstoppable as rain.

» Synthetic drugs are brutal and legal.

» Exploring the wild world of Virginia bounty hunters.

» Vinton ponders its vulture problem.

» Roanoke Co. supervisors set to face off

» Gene A. Brown found guilty of murder.

The Ledger

Lakeland, Fla.

General Assignment

Planned, pitched and executed one of the paper’s most ambitious multimedia projects for a 9/11 remembrance package. Built a deep list of sources within the immigrant communities.

» Mother suspected of killing her son found in Tampa airport.

» Lakeland officials nervous about fly ash fallout. [radio interview]

Learned the hard-scrabble basics of covering a small community and competed with a nearby daily on deadline pieces and breaking news. Exposed local and state police mistakes in missing person and missing evidence cases. In the process, covered three police departments, nine courts, and worked weekend features duty on the side.

» Lost pigeon perishes on long journey home.

» Borders Within: The story of a Waynesboro, Va. woman fighting to get her husband back to America, parts 1, 2, and 3. (APME award winner)

The News Virginian

Waynesboro, Va.

Cops & Courts Reporter

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Hillsdale College ‘09 | B.A. English Literature | Dow Journalism Program

The Arizona Republic | Pulliam Fellowship | Summer 2009

The Post & Courier | Internship | Summer 2008

Toledo Free Press | Internship | Summer 2007